Saturday, November 29, 2014

Is that supposed to look 1920s?

The other day I posted that Snooki was getting married in a 1920s-themed wedding.  The post-wedding reports sound like just the reception was 20s-inspired, though.  She wore a more traditional wedding dress for the ceremony, and a Gatsby-themed dress for the reception.

I was disappointed when I finally found pictures of the supposedly Gatsby-themed dress, though...

You can see a picture of Snooki's wedding reception dress on her blog.  As anyone who knows the 1920s will see right off, it's not really 20s or Gatsby-styled.  At all.  So what if the longer part of the skirt comes off?  The minidress is far too short to be 20s, not to mention it's strapless.  And curvy.  None of which they did in the 20s.

I was hoping Snooki's Gatsby-themed wedding would get more people interested in 1920s-theme weddings, but since her dress really doesn't look like anything other than modern, I don't think it's going to launch any new trends or anything like that.



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