Friday, September 26, 2014

A 1920s costume lunch

A guy friend asked if I wanted to come to a 1920s-themed lunch the retirement center he works for was putting on, and of course I didn't say no.  I've been accumulating quite the 1920s wardrobe, as you can see.  This is just one dress I have of several, and I also have a couple of hats, several wraps, and several skirt and top combos that I can mix and match with.  I have a new pair of shoes coming in the mail soon, too, and a couple of authentic 1920s purses that I'm quite proud of.

It's a lot of fun dressing up in 1920s "glad rags."  I've found the various pieces of my wardrobe at antique malls, on eBay, and at a wonderful little vintage clothing and costume store in my neighborhood called Regal Vintage.  I'm developing a good enough sense of the style that I could probably start combing thrift stores and would probably be able to pick out some great things there, too, but I haven't tried that quite yet.  I think it would require quite the investment of time.

The one thing I haven't really found yet is gloves.  Most vintage gloves I run across are far too small for my hands, and I don't like most of the modern ones I've seen.

What about you?  Do you do any 1920s costuming, and where have you had the most luck with your shopping?  Where do you wear your 1920s outfits?



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