Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Talk like a flapper!

Sometimes novels set in the 1920s can be great resources for anyone planning a 1920s wedding or party.  Earlier this year I blogged about two YA novels about the 1920s that had a lot of great, authentic-feeling settings and clothing details.  Recently I read the sequel to one of those novels (review coming soon).

At the end of the novel, I noticed that the series has its own website,  I headed over to check it out, and was delighted by one of the features on the site: a glossary of 1920s slang. Anyone planning a 1920s party or wedding is sure to find this useful.  You could use some of the slang to plan the text for invitations, or you could include a card with your own version of the glossary in the invitation, and encourage everyone to "talk like a flapper" at the wedding or party!

What were you surprised to see on this list?  I had no idea that the term "putting on the Ritz" and words like "nifty," "ducky," and "swell" originated in the 1920s.  What were you surprised about?



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