Monday, September 26, 2011

FLAPPER: The name of this book says it all!

iconWith a title like this, how could I not read this book?

Earlier this summer, I posted a review of another book about the 1920s, Anything Goes by Lucy MooreFlapper is similar in some ways, but also very different.  Whereas Anything Goes served more as a book about the 20s — discussing Prohibition, organized crime, and the economy as well as F. Scott Fitzgerald and flapper culture — Flapper focuses more on, well, flappers.

This book has a little less detail on the Fitzgeralds, but devotes whole chapters to the popular movie stars of the times, the ones that epitomized the flapper phenomenon: Colleen Moore, Clara Bow, and Louise Brooks.  The author talks about how each of them portrayed the flapper a little differently, influenced by their dramatically different backgrounds.

If you have to choose a single book to read to get information for your 1920s-themed wedding or party, I'd say this one is probably the better choice — but if I can at least flip through both, do.  Each of these books contains information that the other does not.



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