Tuesday, August 09, 2011

1920s music and dancing videos

Here are a couple of videos I ran across the other day, when I was researching the 1920s for my novel's setting.  The first one has some great music, and shows a lot of video footage from the 1920s — if you're doing research for outfits and decor ideas for your wedding or a costume party, this is the kind of thing that will be tons of help!  Also check out the uploader's other videos — he has tons of great 1920s videos!

The next couple of videos are 1920s dancing clips, set to popular dance music from the period. The first video, you'll notice is from the same uploader as the previous video.

This video focuses on the Charleston! What an athletic dance! No wonder it was fashionable to be stick-thin back then. You couldn't help but be thin if you danced this every night!

I have one more video for you, but the next one deserves its own post... In the meantime, enjoy these, and have fun looking at the related videos!



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