Thursday, July 14, 2011

A great reference book about the 1920s

iconI just recently finished reading Anything Goes by Lucy Moore, a book about the 1920s.  Although there are a few chapters you wouldn't need, such as the stuff about the KKK and Jack Dempsey, on the whole I think this would make a great reference book for anyone wanting to learn more about the Roaring Twenties to help them plan a 1920s-themed wedding.  There is a lot about F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda, who inspired the flapper character of the period through the characters he based on her.  There is also information about Prohibition, speakeasies, and the mob culture that arose during the decade.  Definitely a great reference book if you want to capture that authentic 20s feel at your wedding and reception!

This book is available in ebook format, by the way, which means if you are trying to do some research in the middle of the night and want immediate answers, you can download it and start reading right away.  Just click on the book cover and choose whatever format you want.

I've also included this book in my sidebar listing of 1920s resources.  Enjoy!



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