Monday, March 14, 2011

Planning a vintage-themed bridal shower or party

1920s-themed vintage tea party

For my mom's birthday in February, hubby and I had her over for a vintage-style tea party.  We served cheese and crackers, cucumber sandwiches, berries, punch, meringues, and tea, and used vintage dishes for everything.  It made me think, however, about how a vintage-style bridal shower would be perfect for a bride who is having a 1920s-themed wedding.

So I'm going to do a series of posts on planning a 1920s-themed bridal shower.  Many of these suggestions could also be taken to plan any vintage-themed party or bridal shower, but I'm going to gear the posts toward a Roaring Twenties theme.  Whether you are a bride or a maid of honor looking for ideas for a bridal shower, or perhaps just planning a vintage-themed party to celebrate a special occasion, I hope these posts will help!

Planning a vintage-themed bridal shower or party:
Setting the table 
Choosing the menu
Selecting favors
Dressing for the occasion
Vintage-themed shower games



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