Tuesday, November 24, 2009

1920s wedding venues in Denver

A while back I wrote a post about beautiful Parrish-esque Michigan gardens that I thought would make a good venue for 1920s weddings in Michigan. Since I actually live in Denver, I often get emails from people asking about Denver venues for a Roaring Twenties themed wedding. Unfortunately, I usually have to tell them I don't know, because my husband and I didn't actually get married here.

However, over the summer I actually attended a couple of weddings that were held in appropriate venues for a 1920s theme. One was my sister's wedding ceremony, which was held at Cheesman Park on the steps of the pavilion. The pavilion is a marble structure with the classical architecture typical of the Art Nouveau period, which continued into the early 1920s. Although my sister's wedding was Victorian-themed, I can imagine a 1920s wedding here too.

Wedding rehearsal at Cheesman Park

My sister's wedding reception was at the nearby Parkside Mansion, which also could be a very good 1920s wedding venue. Although the mansion was built in 1905, the architecture has the same chunky look that you see in 1920s homes. Because of the house's setup, you could easily hold a Gatsby-style party in the parlor or the rooftop patio.

You could also hold a speakeasy-themed reception at practically any venue (perhaps enabling you to save money by avoiding an expensive wedding venue). For instance, a warehouse or a basement can easily be decorated as a Prohibition-era secret party, complete with spoken passwords that guests have to give in order to gain entrance. There are no doubt tons of venues in Denver where you could do something like this, so I'll let your imagination do the rest.

But rather than making suggestions, I'm really interested in hearing what other people are doing. If you are planning a 1920s wedding and have already chosen a venue, let's hear about it! What made you choose the venue? How are you decorating it to play up the Roaring Twenties theme? Feel free to link to pictures or the venue's website if you want.