Friday, June 26, 2009

Choosing a 1920s wedding venue

My last post was on a Michigan wedding venue I thought made a good place for a 1920s theme wedding, a castle that was built just prior to the Roaring Twenties and was a popular place for locals to go for entertainment during the early 20s. The place has been restored and is now a Michigan wedding venue with gorgeous gardens and scenery reminiscent of Maxfield Parrish, the famous 1920s artist.

castle wedding venue

After I posted on this venue, I had someone email me for advice on other Michigan venues, thinking I lived or was married in the area. Nope — I had just come across the venue doing some research, and was intrigued by its connection to the 1920s. But since the question has been asked, I thought I'd do a post on chosing an appropriate venue for a 1920s theme wedding.

Choose a place with 1920s history. This is what attracted me to the castle venue, and what I consider the most important criteria to look at. A place that was built during or just prior to the 1920s, a venue that is built in an architectural style that is clearly twenties, are both good choices, but your venue will be particularly meaningful if you can tell guests what it was used for in the 1920s. You might even consider making up a program or a card to place on the tables, giving the history of the place.

Choose a place that you can work into a 1920s theme. One really good theme I've heard of people doing is styling their reception after a speakeasy, which is what they called a club that sold liquor illegally (since it was all illegal) during Prohibition. They had secret entrances, and passwords had to be given to gain entrance. If you can find a venue that will have the secretive feel of a storeroom-turned-speakeasy, you're in good shape.

1920s wedding venue

Of course, you can make almost any wedding venue support a 1920s theme — our wedding was in an old 1860s church-turned-winery. It was a small venue, which worked out very well for the theme, but we didn't do much to decorate it, other than setting the tables a certain way and encouraging our guests to dress in 1920s costumes. If you and your guests are willing to use your imaginations, just about anything will work, really!



At 6:05 AM, Anonymous wedding_lanterns said...

This looks fantastic. I recently wrote a post ( on havng a 1920s-themed marriage ceremony, I think there's alot of potential with this era to create a stunning wedding. I think wedding lanterns would also make a lovely addition. They look really beautiful when launched in large swarms- especially against the backdrop of a country house estate. They'd have been a hit in the flapper era if they had existed!

At 10:31 PM, Blogger Katharine Swan said...

Wow, what a great idea! I could totally see lanterns at, say, one of Gatsby's parties. I agree, they'd look great at a 1920s-themed wedding!


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