Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Elise wedding doll

I blogged a long time ago about my idea of putting together wedding dolls as mementos. I've finally finished my 1920s bride doll, and I have pictures to share.

First of all, I had decided to use a Madame Alexander Elise for my wedding doll. I contacted a woman who I saw selling custom-made outfits for Elise and Cissette on eBay, and had her make an Elise-sized replica of my 1920s wedding dress. She even made little T-strap spike heels with a mold she made of an original Elise shoe!

The outfit was finished before the wedding, but with everything else that was going on, I didn't have time to look for an Elise to wear it. I wanted to find a doll with the same general hair style and color as mine. I had almost forgotten about the project when I inadvertently ran across the perfect Elise on eBay back in February.

I got the doll, did a little restoration work to get her ready, and dressed her in the outfit. She now claims one of the best spots in my display cabinet. Here are some pictures of her beautiful custom outfit:

Custom 1920s wedding doll - front view

Custom 1920s wedding doll - side view

Custom 1920s wedding doll - back view

Custom 1920s T-strap Doll Shoes



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