Monday, July 02, 2007

Are you having a Titanic-themed wedding?

Ten months ago -- long before my April wedding -- I posted pictures of my 1920s wedding dress and the fab flapper dress I had also found. I also mentioned that I found both of these beautiful garments at La Belle Vintage, an eBay store run by a truly terrific seller.

Well, I paid another visit to La Belle Vintage, and found that the seller has another vintage wedding dress for sale. Instead of being from the 1920s, this one is from the Titanic era in the early teens. This dress is amazing! Not only is it in beautiful condition, but it also comes as part of an ensemble: the shoes, parasol, and four pieces of original jewelry are all included. You have to check out the dress's train, too -- it is really fantastic!

I know a Titanic-era wedding dress is a little off-topic for my 1920s wedding blog, but it still is an authentic vintage gown, for those who are looking for that kind of thing. At any rate, I thought I would pass it on, in case any of my blog's visitors are interested in doing a Titanic-themed wedding, instead.

For more information about the seller or to see La Belle Vintage's other vintage clothes and jewelry, you can visit the eBay store or the La Belle Vintage MySpace page.



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