Thursday, April 12, 2007

The forgotten post about tuxedos

Michael and I picked out tuxedos for the wedding a couple of weeks ago, but I realized that I forgot to post about them...until now.

Originally my thought was to keep the wedding fairly informal and let the men in the wedding party wear suits. Yeah, right -- in this day and age, none of the men in the wedding party owned a black suit. Since money would have to be spent regardless, I decided we might as well rent tuxes.

Actually, it was partly the suggestion of one of the groomsmen that changed my mind. He pointed out to Michael that suits might look too modern, but that tuxes would be more in keeping with the 1920s theme. So Michael and I quite happily picked out tuxes with coat tails.

Although the tuxes are dressier than I had originally planned, they are going to look quite nice. For the vests, we chose a satiny fabric with an embroidered floral pattern. Michael's vest will be a rich ivory color that comes close to the color of my dress. The rest of the men are wearing black vests, which ought to maintain the 20s look very nicely at the reception, where I expect everyone will want to take off the jackets.

Of course, tux rentals at the Men's Warehouse include everything, right down to the cufflinks and shoes, so everyone ought to look pretty snazzy. I'm really looking forward to it!



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