Sunday, December 24, 2006

1920s Veils

I promised more links, and here they are! This time I'm linking to several good pages of 1920s veils.

A popular style of headwear in the 1920s was the cloche hat, and many veils took after that style. Below are several pages I found helpful when I was planning my own veil.

The following pages are all from the same site, one of the most helpful I've run across in my own search:

Vintage Fashion History - 1920s Wedding Styles - This page is absolutely fantastic. It describes the different fashions in 1920s veils, and presents a dozen or so old photos.

Choosing a Vintage Wedding Veil - Another page from the same website as the above page, this pro-vintage veil page has a fantastic picture of a 1920s bride.

Choosing a Vintage Wedding Veil - The Specifics - A continuation of the above page, this page gives some advice for choosing a vintage wedding veil to complement your look, as well as a few small pictures.

Veil Lengths - This page discusses the different veil lengths, with helpful photographs of each.

Vintage Wedding Veil Materials - This page discusses the materials used for vintage veils, and makes some recommendations for choosing your veil.

Vintage Wedding Traditions - Wax Blossoms - Yet another page from the same site, this page gives information about wax blossom headpieces, which were popular in the 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s.

Art Deco Headpieces - There were many other styles popular in the 1920s than the wax-blossom headpieces. This page shows thumbnails of about a dozen different looks. I love the wreath styles!

These links, which lead to different sites, show a few more examples of 1920s veils and headpieces:

Illustration Picture of a 1920s Bride - This illustration shows a completely different style of 1920s veil than any of the other sites I've listed above.

1920s Vintage Bridal Wear from Woodland Farms - Although both the items on this page have been sold, they present very good examples of a 1920s headdress and veil, and a wax orange blossom headpiece from the same era.

1920s or 1930s Beaded Crown and Pearls Veil - Because this page is a listing on ebay, it may only be available for a few months, and the pictures could disappear even sooner. However, I thought it was worthwhile to include in the meantime. The headpiece is a beaded crown with pearl flowers - very stunning art deco styling!

And, finally, since I think it is such a great example of an art deco cap-style veil, I am including a photograph from our family's collection, of one of my grandmother's dearest friends wearing our family's veil. I don't know what year exactly the wedding took place, but it would have been sometime in the mid-1930s. The veil was originally worn by my great-grandmother in the early part of the 20th century, but I think it was altered to create a more "modern" cap-style effect. Note the bride's beautiful finger waves!

I hope these links and photographs will help my visitors in their quest to find the perfect vintage veil!



At 2:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know this is well past your posting date, but I just stumbled across your helpful websites for 1920's wedding veils. Thank you so much for posting this info, it's exactly what I've been looking for!

~~Brie, Boston, MA (10/17/2007)


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