Sunday, December 24, 2006

1920s Veils

I promised more links, and here they are! This time I'm linking to several good pages of 1920s veils.

A popular style of headwear in the 1920s was the cloche hat, and many veils took after that style. Below are several pages I found helpful when I was planning my own veil.

The following pages are all from the same site, one of the most helpful I've run across in my own search:

Vintage Fashion History - 1920s Wedding Styles - This page is absolutely fantastic. It describes the different fashions in 1920s veils, and presents a dozen or so old photos.

Choosing a Vintage Wedding Veil - Another page from the same website as the above page, this pro-vintage veil page has a fantastic picture of a 1920s bride.

Choosing a Vintage Wedding Veil - The Specifics - A continuation of the above page, this page gives some advice for choosing a vintage wedding veil to complement your look, as well as a few small pictures.

Veil Lengths - This page discusses the different veil lengths, with helpful photographs of each.

Vintage Wedding Veil Materials - This page discusses the materials used for vintage veils, and makes some recommendations for choosing your veil.

Vintage Wedding Traditions - Wax Blossoms - Yet another page from the same site, this page gives information about wax blossom headpieces, which were popular in the 1910s, 1920s, and 1930s.

Art Deco Headpieces - There were many other styles popular in the 1920s than the wax-blossom headpieces. This page shows thumbnails of about a dozen different looks. I love the wreath styles!

These links, which lead to different sites, show a few more examples of 1920s veils and headpieces:

Illustration Picture of a 1920s Bride - This illustration shows a completely different style of 1920s veil than any of the other sites I've listed above.

1920s Vintage Bridal Wear from Woodland Farms - Although both the items on this page have been sold, they present very good examples of a 1920s headdress and veil, and a wax orange blossom headpiece from the same era.

1920s or 1930s Beaded Crown and Pearls Veil - Because this page is a listing on ebay, it may only be available for a few months, and the pictures could disappear even sooner. However, I thought it was worthwhile to include in the meantime. The headpiece is a beaded crown with pearl flowers - very stunning art deco styling!

And, finally, since I think it is such a great example of an art deco cap-style veil, I am including a photograph from our family's collection, of one of my grandmother's dearest friends wearing our family's veil. I don't know what year exactly the wedding took place, but it would have been sometime in the mid-1930s. The veil was originally worn by my great-grandmother in the early part of the 20th century, but I think it was altered to create a more "modern" cap-style effect. Note the bride's beautiful finger waves!

I hope these links and photographs will help my visitors in their quest to find the perfect vintage veil!


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Links for 1920s hairstyles

I've noticed that my 1920s wedding blog has been getting a lot of hits lately. Since many of the keyword searches that feed my blog seem to be people looking for information to use to plan their own 1920s wedding, I've decided that I should post some links that I have found helpful in my own planning.

Today's links have to do with 1920s hairstyles. Part of planning my 1920s-themed wedding was finding a hairstyle that would go with it. Although I decided not to try to do finger-waves in my hair - my hair curls enough all on its own - I think many who want a Roaring Twenties wedding are interested in that hairstyle. So, here is a list of my favorite pages on 1920s hair:

"The Bob" by Michael Warner - This page is definitely my favorite. It gives a good overview of the bob hairstyle and its history, as well as several good pictures of 1920s bobs and bob-related trivia. The page also has a great clip of 1920s music!

1920s Hair Dos - This page is a great resource for photos of 1920s hair! A whole series of pictures show the changing bobbed hairstyles over each year of the decade. I actually took the middle picture on the "1923" row of photos when I got my hair cut.

Classic Hairstyles from 1924 - This page shows a handful or so of little thumbnail pictures depicting bobs from 1924. I particularly like the topmost picture, which shows how headbands were worn with bobs in the 1920s.

The 1920s - page 2 - This page gives a few good pictures of 1920s hairstyles and headgear.

Ridge Procedure in Finger Waving - This page on gives good instructions on creating finger waves in your or someone else's hair.

Finger Waving - This PDF file gives very detailed instructions on creating finger waves, accompanied with sketched illustrations.

The New Woman of the 1920s: Debating Bobbed Hair - This site is mainly for fun. The page contains quotes from 1920s women about the pros and cons of bobbed hair. Interesting to read!

If you know of other helpful sites on 1920s hairstyles, please feel free to include the link in comments to this post!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A headpiece for my veil

I haven't done anything about the rest of my plans yet - i.e. still no invitations or menu - but my outfit is starting to really come together. I recently found a headpiece for my veil.

The wreath is very similar to the 1920s wax-flower wreaths I've seen, so I suspect it may date to that era. I'm not sure if it's plastic or wax. You can see vintage tulle sewn onto the wreath on one side of the flowers, I assume from the original veil. I'm going to see about having a new veil made, probably in a slightly different style than the original.

With the right veil, I think this will look stunning with my dress!