Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Vases and dolls

Not much has happened in wedding planning lately. I really need to prepare and send out the invitations, but I haven't gotten to that yet. I'm going to do our own invitations, rather than paying someone else to do what I could do with a printer and a scrapbooking kit. I've chosen the picture I plan to use for the invitations; I just need to research a layout that I like, visit the scrapbooking store, and photoshop the picture.

One thing I have decided on - rather accidentally - is the centerpieces for the tables at the reception. My sister was talking about looking for vases with swans on them, but we hadn't started looking yet. Then, when I was looking for some pieces of milkglass that my grandmother used to collect - a swan-and-cattails pattern by Westmoreland Glass, probably from about the mid-forties - I happened to come across what is actually called a "celery," but would be perfect as a vase. I bought one for myself before realizing that they would be perfect for the wedding. Even better yet, they're pretty easy to find (and pretty inexpensive) on eBay - if I take my time, I can probably get them for around $10 each.

The other update I have doesn't have to do with the wedding directly, but something I want to do as a memento of the wedding: I'm going to have dolls dressed in miniature replicas of our wedding outfits. I collect 1950s dolls, so a pair like this would be an appropriate addition to my collection. I've decided to use a Madame Alexander Elise doll to represent me - Elise is my favorite pre-Barbie fashion doll, a 16" doll with jointed elbows, knees, and ankles. I'll look for a nude one with the chin-length curly 'do that many of them had - brunette, of course, to match me. I think I've already found someone to make the dress - she's already found fabric that matches my dress almost perfectly, and we've been discussing things like how to do the scallops at the hem, and what kind of shoes to do.

For the groom (Michael), I'm going to look for a 17" Madame Alexander. I'm not sure yet if I'll look for a boy doll or just have a replacement wig put on a doll (the boy and girl dolls were actually from the same molds anyway), and if I'll have a suit made or look for a real Madame Alexander groom.

In any case, I'm really looking forward to putting these dolls together - it's a perfect way for me to celebrate me and Michael's wedding!