Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A venue and other considerations

Labor Day weekend saw a good deal of progress on the plans for the wedding. My sister came out with Michael and I to visit his family, and while there we did some looking around for a venue. I say, "some," because in truth Michael suggestion - and the first place we looked - turned out to be exactly what I wanted.

It's a small venue, which is perfect because it's a small wedding, too - and I didn't want a venue that would dwarf my informal dress or the nontraditional wedding. It's a vineyard located in an old church, with an adorable courtyard outside that is hung with grape vines. We'll have the ceremony itself outside in the courtyard, with little in the way of decoration (trust me, the grape vines are enough), and the reception will be held in the "tasting room," which is the main part of the old church building.

It's pretty much perfect for a small, informal wedding - the words cozy and quiant come to mind. We were especially thrilled when we asked them about price, and they said they would "work something out." They said it wouldn't be expensive - just enough to compensate for keeping the winery open and keeping staff there. We still need to negotiate an exact price with them.

Naturally, one of the best parts about having the wedding there is that they can supply the wine. Their wine and mead is fabulous, so I'm really excited about that. It'll be kind of like having a speakeasy - what the illegal bars were called during Prohibition - at my wedding! I wonder if I could get them to play along with the 1920s theme?

We still need to figure out the smaller details, such as invitations (which I'm making), catering, wedding cake, decorations, music (I'm hoping for 1920s music and dancing), and accommodations for my family and friends who are coming in from out of town, but I feel much better having at least settled on a venue.



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