Friday, August 25, 2006


Welcome to my wedding blog!

Although you've just joined us, we - my fiance, Michael, and I - actually started this journey some time ago. When, I can't say for sure - was it earlier this summer, when we started looking at rings and wedding dresses? Or the first time we talked about getting married? Or even when we met, or dated, or made love for the first time?

In any case, the 1920s theme bit originated about a month ago, when I found my dream wedding dress. I had already known I didn't want a traditional type of wedding - expensive, lots of guests, etc. - but it wasn't until I found this dress that I realized what, exactly, I wanted.

My dress is a 1920s wedding gown of champagne-colored satin, with silk chiffon scallops adorning the hem. The waist is rusched, with a satin belt and gold-and-rhinestones dress clip, and the dress is sleeveless. The skirt is full, falling to only mid-shin in the front, with a very slight train in the back. A very stunning 20s style gown, but one that won't be overwhelming (or underwhelming) in an informal wedding.

We found my rings about the same time as the dress. Naturally, they are vintage as well, but we don't know how vintage. At the very least they are 60s or 70s. Anyway, the set is white gold with a brushed finish; the engagement ring has a raised diamond surrounded by an illusion setting, and five little diamonds in a leaf pattern to one side, while the wedding band is plain. Although it may not be from the 20s itself, the style is very pretty and very appropriate.

My sister is thrilled about the 1920s theme, and quickly found flapper-style bridesmaids' dresses to go with the wedding gown. We're also tossing around ideas of expanding the 20s theme: feathers and fans instead of flowers, fingerwave hairstyles, maybe even 20s music.

Overall, though, it's a fairly small, informal wedding that we're planning (even if I have to keep reminding my sister of that). I won't be getting my hair done (it's naturally curly, anyway), and hell if I'm going to wear nylons. Most likely the wedding won't be in a church, and we've even discussed barbequing at the reception.

Soon Michael, my sister, and I will be making the trip out to visit Michael's family. Part of the reason is so that we can start planning the wedding in detail, since it will be out there. The wedding is still more than 6 months away, but pretty soon I should have more news to share.



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