Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The bridesmaid dresses

I neglected to tell you earlier the story of the bridesmaid dresses.

I think I mentioned that my sister has thrown herself headfirst into planning my wedding. So anyway, she found a couple of bridesmaid dresses that she wanted me to see, and so one evening Michael and I made the trip down to see her (she lives about an hour away from us).

We all had dinner: Michael and I, my sister Laura and her friend Kayla. After dinner we went to the bridal boutique and spent probably 45 minutes or an hour looking at dresses.

Although my colors are going to be champagne (the color of my wedding gown) and black, the dresses that we finally decided on is nude. I was concerned about them being too close in color to my gown, but Laura and Kayla assured me that it shouldn't be a problem. The styling is very different than my gown, after all: these dresses look more flapper-like, with their knee-length hem and beaded mesh overlay. Here you can see the dress in a different color - remember, the dresses we got are nude satin overlaid with nude mesh. I think they will be very close to the color of my gown, but the styling should set it apart nicely.

Of course, once we chose the dress, the problem was finding them. Despite the online image - which was where we first saw and fell in love with the dress - the dress was last season's style, and was now on sale. Moreover, as we soon discovered, there were only 4 dresses left in the entire company - and all of them were several sizes bigger than my 3 bridesmaids. However, we bought all 4, got the name of a good bridal seamstress, and now need to get the measurements of the bridesmaids. There are a few beads missing on the dresses here and there, which is why we got the fourth dress: for spare parts.

We haven't yet planned the bridesmaids' accessories. I decided to buy the dresses for them and let them handle the extras, but I think for the sake of uniformity I will still decide what color things like shoes should be.

In any case, I hope soon to get the bridesmaids' measurements and have the dresses altered. Perhaps once I see the dresses on, I'll be able to make a few decisions on accessories, such as what color and style of shoes should be worn.



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